Tango crowdfunds the world’s most portable PC — the size of a smartphone

Joining the trend toward tiny computers, Tango has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to create the “world’s most portable computer.”

The company says it can pack a full quad-core Windows PC into a device the size of a smartphone.

Much like the Raspberry Pi computer, it is a small system. But the company says it has a 2-gigahertz quad-core Advanced Micro Devices processor with integrated 3D graphics that makes the system ideal for gaming. The campaign has already raised $223,423 on Indiegogo, well above its goal of $100,000. And it has 32 days left.

In a video, the company says, “Tango is a pocketable, dockable, officeable, entertainmentable, gameable PC. It allows for greater access and mobility than any other personal computer has offered. We believe Tango is the next step in the evolution of the PC.”

The machine is the work of Bhavesh Shah, who has experience in enterprise architecture for the cloud. He started the San Diego, Calif.-based company two years ago.

“During my consulting life, I was fed up of carrying heavy laptop bags with multiple laptops (personal laptop, employer laptop, and client laptop),” Shah said. “Going through security checkpoints at airports has also been a huge hassle. I have been doing this for years. I always thought there must be an easy and simple solution to this problem.”

Tango has a small docking station about the size of an external CD drive. Once connected to the docking station, it provides connectivity to a display, keyboard, and other devices via USB or LAN ports.

The Tango has a small battery. When you take it out of the docking station, it goes into sleep mode so you don’t lose your data. When you plug it back in, you can pick up where you left off. The Tango device transfers heat from the computer to the docking station, which has the heatsink and the fan.

“You can think of your Tango as just like your Xbox or PlayStation, but pocket-sized,” the company said, as you can play games on a TV with a separately sold game controller.

The company has collaborated with AMD and a dozen suppliers. A top original design manufacturing partner helped develop the electronics based on Tango’s design and specifications. The company has been bootstrapped to date.

Tango also wants to raise additional external funding through angels and venture capitalists.

The machine will have an AMD A6-5200 quad-core, 2-gigahertz CPU at up to 25 watts, and GCN GPU HD8400 integrated graphics. It will have main memory with a range of 2 gigabytes to 8 gigabytes, depending on the option purchased. And it will have 32 gigabytes to 512 gigabytes of flash memory storage. The dimensions are 125 millimeters by 80 millimeters by 13.5 millimeters.

The docking port is 135 millimeters by 135 millimeters by 27 millimeters. Even that size is just slightly thicker than a laptop.

Tango PC and its dock


Tango PC and its dock

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