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JS NEWS – TeamPass adalah pengelola kata sandi kolaboratif. Ini telah dibuat untuk mengelola kata sandi dalam lingkungan penggunaan kolaboratif seperti perusahaan. Dengan TeamPass dimungkinkan untuk mengatur kata sandi dalam struktur pohon, mengaitkan informasi dengan kata sandi.

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  • Teampass is managed at
  • ********************************************************
  • Organize your passwords in a Tree structure (composed of several Folders)
  • Define the Folders in which the passwords will be organized
  • Define minimal complexity level for passwords in each Folder
  • Define Roles and associate rights on Folders
  • Manage Users and associate them to Roles
  • Define specific rights for one User
  • Each user can only see what the administrator allows
  • Administration account needed
  • Passwords are encrypted in database
  • Audit trail of all modifications done on passwords
  • Users can manage their favourites
  • Users have a personal and private folder
  • Define access restriction to Folders
  • Generate PDF file on passwords renewal
  • Manage passwords expiration
  • Import from CSV file format your passwords and folders
  • Import directly from KeePass your passwords and folders
  • … and many many more
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