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JS NEWS –Matriux adalah distribusi keamanan berbasis GNU/Linux, Debian yang dirancang untuk pengujian penetrasi dan investigasi forensik cyber. Ini adalah distribusi yang dirancang untuk penggemar keamanan dan profesional, juga dapat digunakan secara normal sebagai OS default Anda.

  • Custom kernel 3.9.4 (patched with aufs, squashfs and xz filesystem mode, includes support for wide range of wireless drivers and hardware) Includes support for alfacard 0036NH
  • Faster interface
  • More than 340 tools powerful for penetration testing and forensics
  • New Section PCI-DSS tools in Arsenal
  • high emphasis on forensics
  • greater hardware support
  • Comes with custom installer
  • supports USB persistence
  • UI inspired from Greek Mythology
  • IPv6 tools included.
  • Easy integration with virtualbox and vmware player even in Live mode.
  • Includes latest tools introduced at Blackhat 2013 and Defcon 2013, Updated build until September 22 2013.

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